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Gold Jewelries

Who We Are

We are the one and only gem company aided by computer technology in the United States.

We have cut gemstones as artisans since 1985. 

The  technology we developed accurately embodies the pinnacle of beauty by cutting gems.

On top of that, we are registered in GIA and AGTA.


We serve both Wholesale and Retail.

Processed 100% in United States!

The Story of Sapphire Gallery


Introducing Kiwon Jang


Kiwon Jang, CEO of KLM Technology Inc.

Is an inventor and master gem cutter from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He created the fully automatic facet machines, the Jang 1440, 1024 and 801. Kiwon started his own company in Republic of Korea cutting gem stones.



As a pioneer in this field he earned a national award from the Korean government for the 4th most influential person in Korea for his skills in gem cutting. He immigrated to the United States in 1985 to open the Paramount Gems Trading Inc, a manual gem cutting production business in New York. In 1989, he opened Stone Company in Warsaw, Poland where he taught how to facet gemstones.



He was published in Colored Stone Magazine for his abilities and skills in robotics. In 2002, he continue his work with Paramount gems Trading Inc, over year stablished KLM Technology Inc. which led him to join the AGTA and MJSA in 2003. He won first, second and third place in the AGTA Cutting Edge Awards competition with his cut gemstones. That same year he opened his own gem cutting company in Bangkok, Thailand. At the 2012 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson show, he was recognized by GIA for his accomplishments and contributions.




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