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Terms and Condition

Thank you for using ‘The Sapphire Gallery’. Thank you for purchasing the wonderful product

made by ‘The Sapphire Gallery’. ‘The Sapphire Gallery’ hopes that customers will have a valuable experience while viewing, evaluating and purchasing products. ‘The Sapphire Gallery’ has terms

and conditions applicable to transactions. Ordering and purchasing from ‘The Sapphire Gallery’ means that you agree to the following terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions explain how we supply you with our products, how you and we can change or terminate the contract,

what measures should be taken in case of problems, and other important information.

We supply you with ‘The Sapphire Gallery’ products under these terms and conditions.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering from us.

[ Terms and Conditions for Wholesalers ]


  • The Sapphire Gallery requires the appropriate resale certificate from the state where shipment was delivered.

  • The Sapphire Gallery will process your exemption after you've placed your order and submitted the following documentation:

* A copy of Business Registration.

* A copy of the The Sapphire Gallery shipping confirmation email from your purchase

  or printed receipt from your online page.

* A sales tax exemption claim form. (We attached the form below.)

2          RETURN

  • Returns are accepted within 14 days from received date.

  • Items are not returnable if worn or altered.

3          CANCELLATION 

  • Cancellations can be made before delivery begins.

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