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Recommended stones

Customize your own ring your way!

Explore our Sapphires and choose the one that is right for you.

You can fill out the "Primary Stone Number" with each of our Sapphire SKU number.

You can select any type of Sapphires.


We used PSH1445 Sapphire for main stone.

Accent1 : 10 Round 2.5mm 0.67Ct side Diamonds (VS G-H)

Accent2 : 10 Round 1.3mm 0.09Ct side Diamonds (VS G-H)


Diamonds included in price.


SKU: S71590
    • MW71861
    • Plating Type : Rhodium-Plated
    • Metal Quality : 14K White Gold
    • Weight : 2.6 DWT

    100% REFUNDABLE within 14 days!